Pro Bono

Ergo Education is committed to equal educational opportunities. Both of its founders have extensive experience in the charity sector: in addition to her volunteering and fundraising, Susan set up and ran an attainment raising education programme for the Rugby Portobello Trust; Shivani is actively involved in educational charities including the Harrow Club and Princess Trust UK.

Ergo is aware of the difficulties perpetuated by the educational divide: children on free school meals and pupil premium are 50% more likely to finish school with no academic qualifications (EFF, 2017) — the number of children who spend their entire school career on FSM increases each year; the difference in overall adult lifetime earnings between having no qualifications and 1–2 GCSE’s is £180,000; after the pandemic, the disadvantage gap has stretched to 24.6 months.

The way to close this gap is endlessly researched. The Times Education Commission, set up in 2021, focuses on how and what children learn, social mobility and the role of AI and technology in education. 2 of the 12 recommendations of this report form the core of Ergo ProBono — making use of ‘an army of undergrad students’ to help children who fall behind and ‘making the most out of tech’. Ergo aims to offer free tutoring to children on FSM or pupil premium through a combination of volunteer tutoring and partnerships with local charities.

Ergo ProBono is committed to levelling the playing field. Our tutors have already delivered 10% of our sessions for free and we are running an educational programme at the Rugby Portobello Trust. 'Developing Literacy and Numeracy skills for the Transition into Secondary School' is a programme we are looking to expand to other organisations.