In-House Academic Support

  • Ergo offers an extensive selection of academic clinics. These range from specialist learning techniques to specific assessments such as 11+ and 13+, GCSE, IB, A Levels, SATs and ACTs.

  • Classes are offered in a whole-school setting as an extracurricular activity or in flexible, smaller groups. Students can take these classes in school or at home online.

  • 1:1 and small group sessions allow our tutors to impart skillsets, such as essay structuring clinics and revision strategies, with a greater focus on the student than is possible in a classroom setting.

  • Build out your academic offering with our tutors. Ergo’s comprehensive knowledge base allows you to teach subjects such as Classical Languages or Advanced Statistics in response to the individual desires of students.

In today’s rapidly evolving educational environment, time remains a scarce commodity within the structured confines of the school day. At Ergo, we understand this limitation and propose an innovative, in-house academic support solution that seamlessly integrates into your school’s curriculum and digital ecosystem. This approach not only enhances control over content, quality and safeguarding but also elasticises teaching time and breadth and depth of study areas- all under the umbrella of your institution. This solution is inspired by the comprehensive academic support systems at Ivy League universities, which include both technical skill-based clinics and subject-specific peer tutoring. Ergo’s integrated model aims to transform how academic support is perceived, utilised and delivered.

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