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Our Approach

  • We select tutors from the top 1% of universities in the UK. This guarantees them expertise and a passion for their subjects.

  • All our tutors are trained in the Ergo Methodology. Our research-driven approach to education delivers an unwavering consistency of teaching.

  • Ergo sessions are delivered flexibly, online.

  • Ergo has worked with behavioural scientists to refine the matching process. This is how we maximise the compatibility of student and tutor.

Who We Are

  • Ergo Education launched in 2021 with a goal to achieve the highest standard of education.

  • We combine a passion for teaching with the science behind optimal learning.

  • Both founders bring an understanding of the European, American and British education systems from a parent’s and educator’s perspective.

  • Shivani Johnsson combines 15 years of experience in banking and wealth management with a decade of involvement with start-ups — as founder and investor.

  • Susan Lowndes Marques is a qualified teacher and has 25 years of experience in teaching and academia.

Parent of James, Eton College
"Ergo saved our skins. The tutor instantly set the right tone between serious/ fun, was clear and skilled at engaging a reluctant student! The platform was easy to use and the fact that my son could arrange the lessons himself increased his motivation and the ownership of his learning, thereby adding to the appeal for me."
Student, UCL
"I am and will always be incredibly grateful to Ergo and their amazing tutors as they have really brought out the best of my academic capabilities. I went from a predicted 38 to 42 and went on to graduate from my IB with 44 points. I obtained offers from every single university I applied to in the UK and US."
Student, Wickham Abbey
"So easy, it’s scary!"
Parent of Sofia, Godolphin and Latymer
"Olivia and Ned were knowledgeable but they also became mentors, having themselves been through the same academic gates. As a foreigner, it gave me great comfort to know my daughter was practicing for the 11+ in a manageable and measured way. She ended up getting offers from every school she applied to."
St Julian’s School Lisbon
"Panic, 3 weeks until the IB mocks and I had a predicted 4 in Economics. I remembered Ergo and tried to book a session for that evening, almost to test whether it worked. Rahul turned up and we jumped straight in. After five sessions (all booked fairly last minute), my predicted grade became a 6."